TwoSet Violin
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Viral internet sensation TwoSet Violin are best known for their funny and sometimes painfully accurate videos depicting life as a classical musician. In under just three years, the Australian classical comedy duo Brett Yang and Eddy Chen have gathered over 250,000 followers and 70 million views worldwide, inspiring young musicians with humor and a relatable ‘imperfectness.’ They have had collaborations with world-class soloists such as Lang Lang, Janine Jansen and Ray Chen.

In 2016, the duo gave up their spots in the Sydney and Queensland Symphony Orchestras and began hosting live performances, including a sold-out debut at the Sydney Opera House in December. Their one-of-a-kind show offers a unique and interactive experience, creatively integrating humour with actual recital—all while upholding the integrity of classical music. Unlike the typical classical concert, TwoSet Live attracts a diverse crowd, including young fans as well as people who have never in their lives been to a classical concert before. The duo are committed to spreading the love and inspiration for classical music.